How we serve you:

  • Project identification and acquisition
  • Product development and design
  • Project implementation and management
  • Planning and construction management
  • Property letting and sales management
  • User and client support
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Service development


Before we develop a project, we put our imagination to the test: how is this space supposed to be used? What are the needs of those who will be living or working here? Once we have answered these questions we develop up-to-date concepts which connect sustainability, modernity, ecological responsibility and profitability.
These qualities are expressed not only in residential and office buildings, but also in exciting neighborhood developments. Our overall principle in all our projects is that client and product take center stage. This is the standard we live up to. You be the judge as to whether we succeed.

Realized BGF around

m² in 40 years

For approx.

people we created jobs.

For approx.

people we created homes.