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A blueprint for success.

For me real estate is a lot more than concrete, steel and glass. When I founded the Becken company 40 years ago, my principle belief was that real estate is first and foremost living space for people. It still is my maxim that people should enjoy living and working in the buildings we create. It is for that reason that property should be viewed not just from an investor perspective but also with the architect’s eye.


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Million Euro of total project volume realized

Square meters have been built every day for 40 years

Our principles

Our company values.




We are only as good as the team that surrounds us.


Real estate is a people´s business. Ultimately it‘s people – not the market – who make the final decisions. At the end of the day it‘s not companies that we trust, it’s the people sitting across from us. We‘re certainly not the only ones who claim to give our personal attention to every project, but not many can say they always act like owners as opposed to service providers. And that’s why we always provide advice with the client‘s perspective in mind, just the way we like to be counseled.




An eye for detail. And for the big picture.


As a real estate company we are involved in the entire value chain of a construction project, from development to financing right through to the construction of residential and commercial properties stable in value.
This knowledge makes us an excellent point of contact for private and institutional investors looking to do great things with us. It’s only by seeing the big picture that you can get the small details right.




The most important resource for the future is experience.


The history of Becken dates back 40 years. Over this period we have introduced and realized many development projects. But what‘s most important is the fact that along the way we have never stopped learning. Of course we constantly come across things that are new to us, but our experience gives us the assurance that we know how to react, even to unanticipated challenges.




Independence is the most important currency in the world.


Many impressive construction projects will never be realized. Insufficient funding is one of the most common reasons. Thankfully that is quite rare in our case. The reason for this can be found in our financial independence which enables us to realize real estate projects on our own terms and almost single-handedly. This not only gives us real strength, it gives us flexibility. And it adds to our company’s attractiveness to potential partners.





Greatness lies in taking responsibility.


Throughout our company history we have learned the importance of taking responsibility. The more we grow, the more crucial this responsibility becomes – especially in such a sensitive area as the development of working and living spaces. We build for people who have consciously chosen the city as the centre of their lives. We challenge ourselves to give them every opportunity for personal development in this environment. After all, we live here ourselves.

Our management team

»A family company always has the next generation on its mind. Hence sustainability.«

Dieter Becken

Owner and CEO
Becken Holding GmbH

»The future is our daily business.«

Stefan Spilker

CIO Becken Holding GmbH
Managing Director Becken Estates GmbH

»As a traditional hanseatic family business, integrity, reliability and commitment form the foundation of our actions.«

Hauke Rahner

CFO Becken Holding GmbH

»Sustainable real estate in high quality at affordable prices – the living spaces of tomorrow’s vibrant cities.«

Marc Holzhausen

Member of the Executive Board
Becken Development GmbH

»Our understanding of successful real estate is developing a vision, planning and realizing it and then filling it with life.«

Joachim Schmidt-Mertens

Managing Director
Becken Development GmbH

»It’s only by seeing the big picture that you can get the small details right.«

Dominik Tenhumberg

Managing Director
Becken Development GmbH

»Only those who are willing to walk new paths will reach objectives in the future.«

Olaf Drossert

Managing Director
Becken Estates GmbH

»We identify, create and obtain values.«

Jens Hogekamp

Managing Director
Becken Asset Management GmbH

»A company‘s most important USP is its personality.«

Prof. Dr. Michael Becken

Managing Director BECKEN Invest GmbH
Managing Director Becken Asset Management GmbH

»We are building confidence through competence within our business partners.«

Kai Stolzenberg

Managing Director
BECKEN Invest GmbH

Iconic work

Berliner Bogen

Hamburg, 2002

Berliner Bogen is a much celebrated, eye-catching architectural work in the City Süd district. Its 32,000 square meters (345,000 square foot) provide office space for 1,200 people.

Iconic work

Doppel XX

Hamburg, 1999

The two halves of this office building in Hammerbrook’s Heidenkampsweg join to form a double X. This extraordinary design is more than purely aesthetic. It also facilitates exceptionally efficient use of the building.

Iconic work

Deichtor Center

Hamburg, 2004

Situated at the intersection between Hafencity and the Kontorhausviertel, the Deichtor Center fuses modernity with Hanseatic heritage. The Center’s striking angles mirror those of the nearby Chilehaus, a World Heritage Site.

Iconic work

VTG Center

Hamburg, 1996

VTG Center in the City Süd district, with its striking triangular design, has won several awards since its completion in 1996. The double-shell glass façade shields the rooms and the inner park from noise and pollution.

Iconic work

Central Police Headquarters

Hamburg, 2000

Designed in the shape of a ten-pointed star, the Hamburg police headquarters in the district of Alsterdorf sets a prominent signal. It covers an area of approx. 43,000 square meters (463,000 square foot).

Iconic work


Hamburg, 2001

With its distinctive zigzag façade, the 43-meter (141 feet) high Stadtparkturm, covering an area of 8,500 square meters (91,500 square foot), is an architectural highlight in the Alsterdorf district. Located adjacent central police headquarters, this office building is the headquarters of Bacardi Germany.

Iconic work

Berliner Tor Center

Hamburg, 2005

This high-rise complex is built around the former central police headquarters in the St. Georg district. It boasts approx. 78,000 square meters (840,000 square foot) of office space, with additional room for 100 residential units. Up until 2017, the building served as Becken headquarters.

A history of real estate since 1978

»A former monofunctional office complex has been transformed into a vibrant business and residential quarter with views of the waterfront that befit the name „Boa Vista“. The office façade was endowed with narrow balconies to take full advantage of the view.«



Niels Vagt, KPW Papay Warncke und Partner Architekten mbB

»I would like to express my thanks for your contribution to the urban and cultural heritage of Hamburg through the personal commitment you have shown and still show.«



Prof. Jörn Walter, Chief Planning Director, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

»Within a family company like Becken, values like reliability and the “Hanseatic handshake” still are upheld. What’s more, we have always enountered competence and foresight when working together. This is why we are looking forward to being on hand as a finance partner in the future.«



Peter Axmann, Head of real estate, HSH Nordbank AG