Iconic work

Berliner Bogen

Hamburg, 2002

Berliner Bogen is a much celebrated, eye-catching architectural work in the City Süd district. Its 32,000 square meters provide office space for 1,200 people.

Iconic work

Doppel XX

Hamburg, 1999

The two halves of this office building in Hammerbrook, Heidenkampsweg, join together to form a double X. This extraordinary design is more than purely aesthetic. It also facilitates exceptionally efficient use of the building.

Iconic work

Deichtor Center

Hamburg, 2004

Situated at the intersection between Hafencity and the Kontorhausviertel, the Deichtor Center fuses modernity with Hanseatic heritage. The Center’s striking angles mirror those of the nearby Chilehaus, a World Heritage Site.

Iconic work

VTG Center

Hamburg, 1996

VTG Center in the City Süd district, with its striking triangular design, has won several awards since its completion in 1996. The double-shell glass façade shields the rooms and the inner park from noise and pollution.

Iconic work

Central Police Headquarters

Hamburg, 2000

Designed in the shape of a ten-pointed star, the Hamburg police headquarters in the district of Alsterdorf sets a prominent signal. It covers an area of approx. 43,000 square meters.

Iconic work


Hamburg, 2001

With its distinctive zig-zag façade, the 43- meter high Stadtparkturm, covering an area of 8,500 square meters, is an architectural highlight in the Alsterdorf district. Located beside the central police headquarters, this office building is today the headquarters of Bacardi Germany.

Iconic work

Berliner Tor Center

Hamburg, 2005

This high-rise complex is built around the former central police headquarters in the St. Georg district. It boasts approx. 78,000 square meters of office space, with additional room for 100 residential units. Up until 2017, the building served as Becken headquarters.